X570 Integrated LAN and Bluetooth Issues


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Jan 2, 2022
Hi All,

I'm new here so first let me start by sayin thanks to everyone who has put in a ton of work to contribute to these forums and the guides.

I've got two lingering issues with monterey 12.1 on a ryzentosh (Hack#1 in my signature)

Problem #1: I can manually set an IP and can (usually) get an ethernet connection, but upon wake, I see "Not Connected" in System Preference>Network
Seems to have been discussed to death HERE. I'd love to know if there are any updates on this. Has anyone gotten a kext for I211 to work?

Problem #2: IntelBluetoothFirmware/IntelBluetoothInjector kexts make my boot time very long (~3m) instead of (~20s) and doesn't even work once OSX starts. Is there something I'm missing here?

EFI Folder

I'd be grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction

EDIT: sorry I realized now that this should be in the "Post Installation" forum. I don't know how to move it!
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OG Nerd

OG Nerd
Dec 7, 2021
I had same issue with intel nic and wireless, but was able to get wireless and bt working but never got the intel nic working on monterey 12.1 so I purchased a cheap realtek pcie nic for $15 on amazon
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