X370 Support?


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Jan 18, 2021
Hey everyone,

My main PC is
B550 Aorus Master
32GHB DDR4 3600MHz
RTX 2070S considering 6800/6800XT

As Nvidia isn't supported and the newer AMD GPUS aren't I really don't want to sacrifice gaming performance to make the switch so I was thinking of making use of my spare components (sadly sold my 1700X!)

I have a spare X370 ROG C6H, 32GB of ram, ssd's etc. So all I would need to do is get a cheap 2nd or 3rd gen CPU and an AMD supported GPU. Are there any known issues with X370 or do I need to go to a newer chipset? This is only to code on so I don't need a serious gaming GPU either but I also don't feel like spending ~A$1000 on an M1 Mac Mini. I need 2017 or newer OS support for the application I'm trying to learn.

Thanks :)