Wireless Dongle(T3U) issues


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May 2, 2020

The problem I have encountered is short and simple (yet, at least I hope so).
After a couple of weeks of macOS usage I came across an issue where my wifi dongle (T3U) would cause CPU to spike even 3 or so seconds, making whole OS unresponsive, or if responsive, making it feel like I'm running it from HDD(very old HDD). Has anyone come across similar issue related these dongles(as they're quite common and natively supported by macOS) or is this an issue related to different factors?

My specs:
CPU: 3900x
Motherboard: MSI x570 a-pro
SSD: Kingston SATA SSD
SSD2: WD Blue NVMe
Bluetooth: Asus BT-400
RAM: 32GB(running 2133 non-overclocked)
Wifi: Tp-link AC1300

I will attach my EFI with the latest boot log too, in case you need any of it!

Thanks in advance!


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