Wi-Fi suddenly becomes unstable (TL-WN725N)


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May 9, 2020
I'm currently dual booting Catalina OS 10.15.4 (19E287) through opencore 0.5.7

The wifi adapter (tl -wn725n) I had has been working just fine for the past few weeks but wifi connection suddenly started becoming unstable/ intermittent every few seconds since yesterday.

songs played on spotify would play and stop every few seconds, sometimes the connection will just drop entirely.

  • wi-fi works normally on my other devices (smartphone/tablet/laptop, etc)
  • wi-fi works when I switch to windows 10 with the same wifi adapter
  • have tried switching to other usb ports, does not help.
  • have the latest TP Link drivers installed for macOS (TL-WN725N(UN)_V3_191229_Mac 10.15)

cpu: ryzen 3 1300x
mobo: asrock ab350 pro4
gpu: rx 570

I have not made any modifications to the config.plist ever since I had the wifi driver working
Any help/insights would be very much appreciated


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