USB Tethering and Wireless USB Adapter


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May 8, 2020
EDIT : I've successfully applied my USB Tethering idea !!! I'm so glad I could figure this way out :D
If anyone wants to use the USB Tethering from an Android Device, here is the kext file.
Kext file link : Driver source code link :
(I used Pacifist to extract the kext file from the 9.1 pkg of the driver)


Hello !

I've just built my opencore hackintosh, so I'm still exploring the solutions I could try to fix my Network issues.
My goal is to use the mobile data either from Hotspot or Tethering of my phone :

USB Tethering
So my idea basically there, was to download a driver that specifically enables tethering for Android devices on MacOS (source or compiled) and convert it into a kext file ready to use.
Here is the driver : Is it possible ?

Wireless USB adapter
I have a TP-LINK TL_WN722N v1.10 Wireless USB adapter and I tried those 2 solutions :
I don't know if its the drivers themselves or my procedure that made them failed, so if anyone experimented could tell me just a few steps on how he'd have do it, that'd be nice.

Thank you ! o_O
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