USB Audio Interface Issues


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Jul 3, 2020
Hi all,

Haven't built a Hackintosh in a while (I believe the last I was 10.10), and I had everything set up correctly. USBs, iMessage, Audio etc, using the same build I'm using now (FX8350, R9 280x, Asus M5A97 R2.0).
Now when it comes to using Catalina, I can get everything in the same state, and audio works to an extent (my speakers work fine), it detects my USB audio interface but doesn't do anything with it.

If I select that as my output and input in Logic, Logic crashes immediately. If I open up a YouTube video with my USB interface as the output device, the video will not load until I switch it to the 1 working output device. It will also abruptly stop when switched from the working output to the interface.

I have tried using all the different audio and USB kexts I can find (see config attached).

Any help surrounding this would be great. I know it can be done as I've had it working before, I just can't for the life of me remember how! This does however make me wonder whether the issue is with Catalina, not the build itself.



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Jul 3, 2020
I'm currently working on a Hackintosh for music production.
I've checked your config list.
Are you using VoodooHDA.kext? Remove it.
If you have AppleALC.kext, you don't need it.
In the case of USB, the audio interface may not be recognized correctly, even if the drivers are installed correctly.
My motu828x has an unstable USB connection, so I used a PCIe card to connect to it. When I made it to Thunderbolt connection, the recognition is stable.

Before Logic crashes, it seems that audio is not functioning properly within the Mac. The cause of the above problem is kext or parts, audio interface drivers or USB settings. It would be a good idea to use Hackintool to make sure it's recognized first .

Catalina is unstable and is not supported in many audio interfaces. However, if an official supports native Catalina, it's usually the Hackintosh But it works. Probably a build or configuration or driver is suspect.


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Jun 7, 2020
Hi, I read your config.plist and have similar opinion to mita's.
First, Would you tell us what your USB audio interface is? As we know, macOS updates sometimes kill USB audio compatibility on some interfaces.
Every audio kext is for onboard sound feature, not for USB audio. an USB audio interface just needs its specific driver, or needs nothing (if it's compatible with USB audio class.)

YouTube loading stuck because of audio recognition failure occurs also on a real Mac. The problem is not specific with Logic or YouTube, the device is not properly recognized by macOS (yes, it may be because of Catalina itself.)

In addition, you seem to have some unneeded kexts to be enable (it's not just about audio-kexts). I think it might help you to read Dortania's Desktop Guide and check your config.plist again.


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May 3, 2020
I use an external Focusrite sound device over usb. It stuttered regularly while doing trivial tasks (writing an e-mail, selecting text) or when I used Photos. These things all went away when I set my PCIe generation from 4 to 3. (That is, if you have such a setting in your bios). I always tell people to look for and change this setting if available.
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Jun 23, 2020
If you have problems with USBs I will send you a file needed...


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Jul 3, 2020
Afternoon all,

Thanks for all the replies to this, given me something to work through!

I believe at the time of my first post I had already removed VoodooHDA as well as AppleALC. I think you're right, the issue I think lies more with the USB interface that it does the actual audio. No changes I've made have had any effect to the 1 working output, nor to any that didn't work before (not too fussed about that though).

The interface I'm trying to get working is a Behringer UMC22, so AFAIK it's class compliant. I have read through the desktop guide and paid close attention to the audio and USB sections. The issue is as you mentioned, the problem here it unlikely to be audio, but USB and drivers. As it stands though, every USB port on my motherboard works fine. Could there still be work to be done here?

I have been through my BIOS settings and handful of times but unfortunately I cannot find any settings pertaining to PCIe generations.

When I select headphones nothing happens, and I get the same errors as I do when selecting the interface- audio playback stops, video won't load etc...
What's the purpose of the USB file that you could send?

Cheers all!


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Jun 6, 2020
Having some audio issues too.

Selecting different input and output audio devices, for example using a USB input and a different USB audio output device to go to speakers is not stable.
Switching either the input device or the output device causes the other device to change.
For example,
device 1 where device 1 has input i1 and output o1
device 2 where device 2 has input i2 and output o2
Choosing device 1 as the audio input device i1 also changes the audio output to o1, however o2 was the desired output
Switching the output device back to o2 results in the input also changing to i2.
related issue:
Switching video on and off in Zoom results in audio temporary pauses in audio output. So seems there is some connection that allows changes in video settings to pause (reset?) audio.

Changed BIOS setting for USB 3 to gen 1 Seems a little more stable...?

Other anomalies:
Fixed: Can only get 1080p out of monitor which has Native resolution of: 2560 x 1440
Switched from a DVI/HDMI cable to a Display port cable.
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