Tyan Mainboard with 8 x Amd Opteron 8384


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Jan 14, 2022
Hello There- New to this forum and the Hackintosh world.

I am working on a Tyan server with 8 Opteron CPUs. The server had Win OS Server 2012 installed and worked just fine. Recently I was wanting to upgrade to Win Server 2016 / Server 2019, due to the fact of wanting to run Video Editing etc programs, which require Windows 10 /2016/2019.

Here is where the problem started. MICROSOFT machine.inf drivers starting with server 2016 did no longer fully support the tyan hardware.

The OS works fine but does not see PCI devices, like graphics card etc.

So here I am to.see whether or not.I can run Mac Os on this machine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

The graphics card is a nvidia Quadro P400.

Maybe you can point me in the right direction.
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