Tomahawk B450 - problem with iMessage and Continuity


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Jul 5, 2020
Hello. I have a problem with iMessage and the stability of the Continuity function on macOS. At the moment, I cannot send SMS from macOS, but messages are correctly forwarded from the phone (communication works one way). The problem also appears during a conversation on the computer. Every now and then, in random intervals (sometimes after a minute, sometimes after a few seconds) in macOS the message "Call Failed" appears and you can continue conversation on the iPhone, but you have to switch the sound source. Everything else work fine - iCloud is logged in, I can copy and paste text between hackintosh and iPhone, AppStore works etc.

I am using OpenCore version 0.6.3 with Catalina. I went through the entire description as instructed, generated the serial numbers and added them to PlatformInfo and then added the built-in parameter to both network cards (lan and wifi). I also set the ROM to match the ethernet card address (I also tried to add the wifi card address but it didn't do anything).

What could be causing these problems?
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