Success with Dual GPU, MSI B550 Gaming Edge and Ryzen 5800


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Jul 21, 2020
Completed my first Ryzentosh (almost, still have a few bits to tweak but its working in the main and is stable so far a week in)

Ryzen 5800
MSI B550 Gaming Edge
Nvidia 3070 (disabled in OSX)
AMD RX580 (disabled in Windows)

I have sound through the GPU, I can't check line out right now as I don't have a cable but nothing throwing up any errors so far

Apple services all signed in and working no problems.

Bluetooth and Wifi were a pain to get working - for anyone who tries to use this board, for some reason if it doesn't show bluetooth don't immediately think it is the kext files, I spent literally hours trying different things. There is a quirk where if you power off and unplug for 10 mins then cold boot it will reload the bluetooth - been working fine since.

USB port mapping done as far as I can tell, followed the helpful guides on here and seemed to all be grand.

Still need to do:
Sleep - just haven't had the time to look at this to check if there is an issue and resolve if required
Put EFI on hard drive - still booting from a USB as wanted to get everything running before finalising it

Thanks to all for their help along the way @Shaneee in particular as it was his prompt that made me change the board rather than try to run a GPU through an adapter which I think would have been a nightmare on reflection!
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