[ Success ] Ryzen 3700X • MSI MEG Unify x570 • Radeon Pro W5500


May 16, 2021
Hey all! First post here in this community.
I'm happy to report my successful Ryzentosh build following the Dortania guides & some proper googling and tinkering.
OC version: 0.6.9

What's working:
  • Well, everything. I didn't notice any non-working peripherals / devices, the machine just behaves almost like a real Mac
  • Sleep / Wake works, though not as snappy as on a Mac (takes time to go to sleep)
  • Apple services all work: Continuity, AirDrop, AirPlay, iCloud (sync & drive), iMessages, Facetime
  • Even the original Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX200 worked fine with itlwm before I replaced it with a Fenvi card (couldn't get Bluetooth to work on the Intel card)
What's not working:
  • Bluetooth on Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX200 didn't work, so I had to physically remove the wifi module from the motherboard, install the Fenvi T919, connect it's USB cable to the mobo and then map the USB ports using USBToolBox
See the attached EFI dump and feel free to drop me a line / comment.

P.S.: don't use the provided config.plist as is, at least put your SMBIOS data in (serial, etc).


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