spaceman_free... panic on boot! High Sierra. Please help!!!


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Jun 10, 2021
Hello to community

I did a fresh install of High Sierra (I stuck at this version because of Nvidia gnu). After I installed everything and all my apps, 3 days later I just browsing on safari, and had also chrome opened, computer freeze and I did a hardware reset. At next boot it happened that


and everytime I was tried to boot same. I searched on internet and I found only 1 case, that happened same as mine also, on a MacBook Pro without a solution

When I tried to boot with a Sierra disk wasn't able and I had to remove the High Sierra disk from the rig to be able to boot. When I booted with Sierra Disk I checked the drive as external with usb cable and all was looking to working fine. I went through all the folders and files. I tried disk utility first aid as I had the High Sierra disk connected via usb and I got this messages you can see in the photos




I tried first aid from recovery of Sierra boot drive, with the High Sierra disk conected internally, I got the messages you can see in photos




I tried the first aid from High Sierra usb installer same again. How I could boot from High Sierra disk recovery, because doesn't appearing as option? Or if you now any other solution please help me!!! because I don't want to do all the process again from the scratch :)

Thanks in advance!
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