Some questions on audio stuttering / pcie generation / nvme speeds


May 3, 2020
Hey friends,

Today I cloned my rather constrained original nvme to a new terabyte one. That took only about 20 minutes but it did remind me that I'm running my system 'on the handbrake' so to say - with it set to pcie generation 3 in the bios. Read/write speeds are fine but when I set it to generation 4 all speeds increase a lot. But, it's on 3 for a reason: music from iTunes and Spotify and so on cuts out all the time with that setting. I use an external Focusright Scarlett Solo sound card. All the issues go away when I force generation 3.

I've been googling but it seems there's really no solution (under Catalina at least). Anyone successfully run their system at gen4 under Big Sur? Maybe it's time I upgraded in that case. The gen3 speeds are great too but the difference is notable during boot time and program load.
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