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[SOLVED]ryzen 5000 series audio problem


New member
May 10, 2020
i just said good buy to my 3600 and add the 5600x to my system.

i fresh installed macOS Big Sur on my new system but audio seems not working, too much noise and stutter

there's number of people on facebook that facing the same problem, so im not sure what causes that, new CPU or new OS?

my audio codec is ALC 1220

Things i tried so far:
1. tried all alcid on appleALC github page
2. tried install voodoo HDA

Does anybody know the root cause and fix?
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Active member
May 3, 2020
Hi ...do u have random Freezes? Me the whole time. I tryed all with the ne fix of Shane but is still freezing! Any idea why?

Freezes in the OS or in the browser? That line is sometimes blurred in modern computing. If you use Chrome, disable hardware acceleration.


New member
Oct 30, 2020
I actually came here again to look for posts on the freezes. Yes, I do get very short freezes on my mouse cursor whenever Safari loads a page, for example, or when the NTFS driver accesses a big list of files/folders in Finder. It does not bother me but it's a new symptom that did not occur with my old 3700X CPU.
Also, MPV can still play video but the response when you mouse over the timeline is slow. My guess is that the kernel patches still aren't up to the same performance level as they were for the 3000 CPUs.