Ryzen 9 3900X, ASRock X570 ITX/TB3, Sapphire RX 5500 Pulse, Catalina


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Dec 16, 2020
- I have 3 (Universal Audio) thunderbolt devices with 3 different results.
Apollo Twin Silver TB2 - works perfectly on its own, either booted before the OS or hotplugged
Apollo Quad Silver TB1 - surprisingly works plugged right into the Titan Ridge controller, but it cannot daisy chain and can't boot before the computer or else I freeze on the BIOS splash.
UAD Satellite Accelerator TB2 - once my UAD software recognizes the device, it crashes my whole OS and forces a reboot. If it does not crash my system, trying to use it in my DAW results in an error message that means that my software cannot communicate with the device (error code -38 if anyone cares)
These devices so far work as expected in Windows, so I suspect this is a hackintosh issue and getting an Alpine Ridge dock may not solve this.

(Note: For those unaware, these audio interfaces have built-in sharc processors to offload DSP for proprietary plugins)

With these issues in mind:
Q1: Is it worth trying again to manually remap my ports? Or should the SSDT/kexts in cited in this thread work out of the box? From my cursory, albeit crudely educated, inspection of the kexts and SSDTs, everything seems in order. The cited article mentions building off the "IOPersonalities_x86_64" kext that is specific to Catalina and has a different structure compared to Mojave's "IOPersonalities" kext, which this kext seems to be built from.
Q2: Does thunderbolt have anything to do with mapping? In debugging other stuff, sometimes fixing one thing fixed another seemingly unrelated thing. (i.e. fixing an en0 issue with Messages fixed my Logic Pro X startup)
Q3: Does the picture below look correct? Should there be check marks in those boxes?

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Hi all,

I am experiencing this exact same issue with my Universal Audio Apollo Thunderbolt, plus UAD Satellite Quad and UAD Satellite Octo.

The system works just fine with the Apollo itself, but the addition of any satellite stalls it and crashes as per message above.

Any pointers on what to check to possibly eliminate this?

Your help would be greatly appreciated!
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