Ryzen 3900x opencore 6.3, b550 MB - LAGGING, micro lags


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Nov 11, 2020
Computer is for Ableton Live to replace iMac 2013 which is slow for our needs. We are stuck on lagging which make sound cracking. Same configuration under windows are going well without problems and we can go to 32 buffer size without problem. Here on hackintosh ableton is still unusable with 512 sample rate. When we move mouse it cracking more. We have done some basic usb mapping - it not help.

PC configuration
AMD Ryzen 3900x
MB MSI B550 tomahawk
ASUS Nvidia GT710
M2 970 EVO 512GB Disk

1. we had to upgrade bios - installator screen was scrambled
2. we had to change amd kernel patch by this comment https://forum.amd-osx.com/index.php...-now-0-sm-0x0-with-gt710-gk208.1043/post-5430


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