Really slow boot with black screen on Big Sur 11.4 Beta 2


May 3, 2020
Hello everyone,

I have recently run into this problem when booting the Big Sur Beta 2.
On startup the kernel loads really fast (verbose mode is enabled), and then the following black screen before the login screen is REALLY long, like at least half a minute to a full one. I have tried to use the agdpmod=vit9696 boot argument to remove the black screen after the kernel loads, but that hasn‘t helped a bit.
I have no problem booting the OS, but a takes a million years to do so. This is particularly weird to me because when I upgraded to OC0.6.9 and macOS 11.4 Beta 2 it loaded really quickly and now it takes an eternity for no good reason.
Can someone please tell me what could be the issue? Is it because of the beta being a beta or have I done something horribly wrong?
I must admit that I haven’t updated to Beta 3 yet, but will do soon once I’ve got a spare moment.

Thanks for your time and I appreciate any input on this issue!
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