R9 5900X on Gigabyte Aorus X570 Xtreme with RX 6900XT - Big Sur 11.4 - OC 0.6.9 EFI


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Jun 4, 2021
Props to AudioGod for his immense help on config.plist as well as direction on resolving my audio issue.

Build Spec
  • CPU: Ryzen R9 5900X
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte AORUS X570 Xtreme - BIOS F33
  • RAM: G-Skill Trident Z Neo 4x16GB DDR4 3600Mhz C16 (XMP)
  • Graphics: AsRock RX 6900 XT (Reference Board)
  • Case : NZXT 710i
  • NVMe: Samsung 970 EVO 1TB
  • PSU: Corsair RM1000i
  • WiFi-Bluetooth: Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 + Bluetooth 5.0
  • Sound: Onboard - ALC1220VB
  • Cooling : Corsair H150i
  • Installed Operating Systems: Big Sur 11.4 - Windows 10 Pro
  • Bootloader: OpenCore 0.6.9

ACPI SSDT's (Big Thank you to AUDIOGOD for assistance)
  • SSDT-USBX (USB power tables)
  • SSDT-PLUG (CPU power management)
  • SSDT-SBRG (Correcting EC, RTC memory & IRQ conflicts)
  • SSDT-SBUS-MCHC (SMBus Support)
Kexts (Big Thank you to AUDIOGOD for assistance)
  • Lilu
  • VirtualSMC
  • WhateverGreen (Back-enabled for unfairgva=1)
  • AppleALC
  • SmallTreeIntel82576
  • AMDRyzenCPUPowerManagement
  • USBMap
  • AirportItlwm
  • IntelBluetoothFirmware
  • IntelBluetoothInjector
  • RestrictEvents (Back-enabled for AMD CPU Name, this changes memory view to iMacPro-like layout)

What Works
Sound (Headphone Port on the back of the PC)
Ethernet Port (Intel GBE Ethernet Only)
WiFi / Bluetooth
USB Type C, 3.0 & 2.0 (All ports Mapped & Open)
Hardware Acceleration
Sleep & Wake
Sleep and Shutdown via the Power Button
Power Nap
Apple Watch Unlock
HDCP Content (Apple tv+)

What Doesn't Work

Bios Settings
  • Enter BIOS -> Press Delete -> Enter Setup
  • Save & Exit -> Load Optimized Defaults
  • Boot -> CSM Support -> Disabled
  • Boot -> Secure boot -> Disabled
  • Settings -> IO Ports -> Above 4G Decoding -> Enabled
  • Settings -> IO Ports -> USB Configuration -> Legacy USB Support -> Auto
Aorus Xtreme - ALC1220VB Device Address: PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x8,0x1)/Pci(0x0,0x4), layout-id=7, PCI address: 1022-1487
For me I had Sound Blaster AE-5 installed for Windows, so had to locate it and do alctsel=1.
Boot arg: alctsel=1 alcid=7 unfairgva=1 agdpmod=pikera
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Jun 20, 2020
Hello, can you upload your files?)
I have custom loop with almost the same hardware, curious if i can run ryzentosh on it (5800x with 6800xt from Sapphire)
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