Progress with Threadripper 3970x


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May 5, 2020
Hmm... well I need to build a powerful PC for some Windows work I have to do but was hoping add an extra SSD to dual-boot the machine into Hakintosh mode as well. I need a dual Epyc 7742 or a Threadripper 3990X for the Windows side of things, but it sounds like, if I have to choose between the 3990X or the 7742 that the 3990X would at least afford more hope of working in the near future, even if it would only have the speed of the 3970X (or "a little worse"). Except for the thread issue would getting the 3990X working as a mackintosh be the same process as getting the 3970x working? Fabiosun, did you document the process somewhere? On the 3990x, would I be limited to 64 core AND 64 threads, OR 32 cores and 32 threads? Thanks.
sorry maybe I miss your question
To have a trx40 working you can follow my guide you can find googling, we are talking extensively also on AMD-OSX discord
OSX limit is 64 in total so you have to limit 3990x to this total value (it could be 64 cores with no HT or 32 c + 32 t)
No direct experience with 3990x but great experience with a dual 2696 V4 xeon (22+22 * 2cpu)
in this rig you can limit to use 64 c/t on mb bios setting to 16 +HT each cpu so 16+16 *2cpu=64 or it also possible to disable HT and use 44 core (22 each cpu) without using HT
3990x should be more simple
I think on discord there is a user (@zenzile) using a 3990x in Proxmox/osx

Lucius Snow

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May 20, 2020
Don't bother with AMD hyperthreading anyway. Many applications work faster without it. I use 64 cores / 64 threads all the time on mine.