Potential temporary fix for sound garbling issue on G-series APU's


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Feb 13, 2021
Hello ^^

I have made this application from my script I used for more than a year to attempt fix the sound on my AMD OSX machine.
I have a Ryzen 5 2400G, and I've run both Catalina & Big Sur with this script, and it has given me better results in day-to-day life
with my machine. The sound is better and the general usability is much smoother with this.

It is a little tray application that sits in your status bar and keeps your machine happy ^^

The application can be found here, more details are also listed on the main page of GitHub, the guide how to set it up and how it works, and all the source code is also there.

I'm looking if anyone can help me test this even more, I am a single person who is happy with this, and there are some other people who used my old version to test, and it seems like I had some positive responses!

I know that it works with my 2400G
If anyone that has these and can test, I would really love to hear the feedback: 2200G, 3200G, 3400G, 4300G, 4600G, 4700G

(I really hope moderators are fine with this, all the code here is open source, I'm just trying to help people cope with this issue in a way I can)

This is my old project, where the pure NodeJS script that did the work for me a year is sitting. There is also a branch with runbackground script if you want a version that does not require an open Terminal window.
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