Poor graphics performance 5950x/1080TI


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Jul 13, 2021
I managed to install high sierra with on a Ryzen 9 5950x and 1080TI (while I wait for an AMD graphics cards to reach sane prices).

I noticed that compared to my Intel setup, graphics performance is significantly poorer (20FPS on games that would otherwise be >60FPS) despite installing the latest nvidia web drivers.

I've also tried to play with Shanee's MTRR/PAT patch that improved graphics performance for AMD graphics card and tweaked various PAT attributes with no success. Noticed that I could set the PAT entries for the 8 registers to WB for all but the 3rd or 7th register, which needs to be UC, UC- or WT. But despite all the combinations that I've tried I have not been able to make any improvements to graphics performance. All other combinations result in not being able to boot, or no improvements on graphics rendering/FPS.

I was wondering if anyone has dug deeper into nvidia performance on AMD processors, or if there are some other leads.
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