Network problems, resize bar and optimization (Asus z570-F, 6900 XT, Ryzen 9 5900x)


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Jun 26, 2021
Good morning to everyone and especially to those who will help me,
I am having problems in the latest OC updates with my configuration, especially the latest one and I need your help.

In particular:
- Since I activated the resize bar (to be able to activate S.A.M on Windows) I have encountered problems in the latest versions where very often the PC does not start, but returns to the BIOS, after many times I click, it starts. I also tried a clear NVRAM but with little success. Video with verbose and problem

- The internal network card, unfortunately, has problems and with Monterey if I keep the WiFi active together with the network card, it freezes and the PC restarts (with WiFi it does not give problems being an external network card)

- I ask, if possible, an optimization of the system, as it works well, but in my opinion it can be improved and above all usable in the best way.

Thanks a lot to those who will help me!
Attached is the OpenCore EFI with the current build and I am also attaching the video of the error that is created.



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