Looking for suggestions on 3950x build


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Jul 18, 2020
Hi everyone.,
New here but have had many hackintoshes. Pretty stable build of 4790k(mojave) but mobo died. Gives me a reason to upgrade. I primarily use for Logic Pro audio recording. I've heard mixed reviews about using these as stable builds but seems almsoy justifiable for audio recording it sounds like. Just want to get tips if this is better than going with the 10900k. I really see scans pro dawbench show on windows where 3950x destroys Intel. I also would like to use final cut and Adobe. Sounds like virtual box(windows) is best bet for Adobe? And since the 3950x doesn't have internal gpu I need a Radeon card for this correct? Best cheap suggestion?

Also any hope for parralells to work when Apple includes and processors in their Mac pros? How does big sur work? Thanks for any tips.


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May 2, 2020
There is about 0% chance that Apple will use AMD CPUs now that they switch to ARM.

You could set it up with Proxmox Virtualization. You’d lose only a few % performance but no compatibility issues with Adobe Software etc.