Looking for love : Just wishing Apple would stop being such a baby


May 4, 2020
I'm a VFX supervisor and artist and AI developer who has used all the OS's out there. Currently, I work mostly on a 2019 MacBook Pro with an eGPU/Radeon VII.

But, I also have workstation where I need real compute power. I'm trying to get a 3950X with Nvidia 1080ti cards running High Sierra to work, the last OSX that Apple and Nvidia played nice. But in the mean time, running Ubuntu for serious compute.

I need Nvidia. I need CUDA. I need machine learning. I need realtime rendering. We need actual compute power. Not bullshit Metal.

I've been forced to switch mostly to Ubuntu or Kubuntu or any of the flavors. They are fine... ish. They don't have Adobe, which I need in my post production work.

Windows is a nightmare. On my current build of a X570 with 3950X just loading explorer after booting into windows takes minutes. It's intolerable. I've had to finish projects in Windows and it's so awful the stress I have of putting together a hackintosh weighs light compared.

Apple and Nvidia hate each other. Well, I'm not sure Nvidia hates Apple, but it makes it bad for me, maybe us? The creator, artist, developer. My friends in post-production are either abandoning any sort of CUDA compute, or, more likely, switching to windows. It all has to do with the software you run. DIT's are 100% macOS and Davinci, post supervisors are 93% Windows and sadly buying into the Adobe economy.

I'd happily buy a $6-$50K MacPro if it supported Nvidia. But Nvidia is the powerhouse of machine learning and AI and Apple is trying to kill it so it can ramp up. I don't like it. OSX is the best OS that's ever been made, but it's

My goal is to get a solid EFI for at least one motherboard that can be hackintosh'd so that us creators, editors, and developers can use a really freaking good OS to develop our projects. Let's Hackintosh!


May 2, 2020
In this case I can completely understand Apple. Just ask Linus Torvalds what he thinks of Nvidia ;)
Nvidia sold defective chips to Apple and refused to take any responsibility. They would also not give Apple proper access to their driver code.
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