help plz. amd 5900x + gigabyte x570 pro wifi ver 1.2 + gtx 760 black screen on installation


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Jul 7, 2021
Hi all

i just built new box, the build is amd 5900x, gigabyte x570 pro wifi ver 1.2 + gtx 760 , open core as boot loader, dumped audiogod's open core config.

i have turn on verbose mode during boot, boot in console mode was smoothly , but when turn into graphic install mode, i got black screen. seems the system has not loaded nvidia native driver. by the way, my old box based on intel e3 1230v2 + asrock b75 pro + gtx 760 works flawlessly , however, the boot loader is clover.

so is there any way to fix out , much thanks
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