[HELP-PLEASE] opencore dualboot windows problem with display power saving mode


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Nov 11, 2021
So.. this is the problem that i just notice when dual boot windows from opencore... when i boot into windows from opencore, then i let windows turn off the display [power saving mode after 10 minutes] the OS suddenly restart itself... i dont know what the problem is, but if i boot directly to windows (via F9 from bios and then select windows boot manager) the problem is gone... so i suspect it had something to do with opencore ACPI setup... below is my OC folder... Oh.. and one other thing... i also notice some strange behaviour in linux sometimes, which is almost like windows, but it wasn't restart the PC but only suddenly enter display power saving mode in some random time, in linux it's less annoying because it only enter display power saving mode, but in windows it causes a restart, which is more annoying...


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