Gigabyte X570i Pro Wifi wakes up on USB connection


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May 3, 2020
I thought I'd share this for anyone still trying to figure out how to get X570s to sleep or is looking into USB-Mappings: I just noticed today, that my Gigabyte X570i Pro Wifi Motherboard starts up the system if I plug in a device on any USB-Port while the system is completly shut down... kinda weird, right?

This is a real startup including boot screen, etc. but I am wondering if there maybe is a connection to sleep issues, which are obviously linked to the USB controller.
(my system didn't shut down until I unplugged the internal USB2.0 header too, to add this observation)

I use the following Kexts: AppleALC, Lilu, SmallTreeIntel82576, VirtualSMC, WhateverGreen, MacProMemoryNotificationDisabler
And the "standard" USB-Mapping for X570 boards

Whole Setup over here:

BTW: This is not something I am worried about or trying to fix, I just found it interesting.