Fixing overall lag with AMD Hackintosh | OC 0.5.8


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May 2, 2020
I've managed to achieve a 100% functional hackintosh with the build I have listed in my signature. However, I was seeing an overall lag throughout the entire system. Even after updating Open-Core to 0.5.8 and adjusting all my files correctly. This was an issue being searched on my end for hours upon hours.

For example:
1. Right clicking links has a delay with the rainbow wheel for a few seconds.
2. Clicking items in my taskbar ie. wifi, bluetooth, the clock, apple logo etc. There is lag.
3. Garage Band has lag and after recording just a few seconds of audio, it gives the error, "Not enough disk space or system overload."
4. Opening apps has lag. ie. clicking different text groups in my iMessages app has lag.
5. Scrolling through newly opened documents has lag.
6. Opening Finder has lag.

Here's the fix:
Using Hackintool, I downloaded my PCIdevices.plist file. I saw in my config.plist that there wasn't any inclusion of the Vega 56 graphics card I have installed. Funny though, in my "About My Mac," it does in fact mention my graphics card is recognized. I went ahead and copy/pasted the pci directory for both the VGA controller and the HDMI Audio into my config.plist under "Device Properties." Upon booting into MacOS again, my lag was gone. Not sure why this isn't mentioned in the vanilla guide but definitely a solid point to bring up and add. It took some intuition on my part and I'm glad I can share.


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May 7, 2020
Hi, in OC 0.5.9, I have 3 errors, if you can give me some troubleshooting information. Thanks.

1). Could not sign in to iMessage
An error occurred during activation. Try again.
2). FaceTime: this account has no reachable addresses.
3). Waves: Hi, in OC 0.5.9, I have 3 errors, if you can give me some troubleshooting information. Thanks.