dual boot windows 11 e macOSmonterey. open core 0.7.0


May 12, 2020
so i added this yesterday and booted up but still says bigsur with the efi any ideas brotha


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Feb 26, 2021
hrm that video not a language I understand...but anyway, used Github project 'gibMacOS' https://github.com/corpnewt/gibMacOS
Selected dev channel and downloaded dev beta 4,
deployed that to USB,
used some other dude EFI of same board I have, had to update the opecore to 0.7.2 and installed Monterey to a freshly erased SSD with no other SSDs connected.
Booted to the Monterey SSD, configured the OpenCore with few adjustments, so Monterey and OpenCore running and booting well.

Then connected an SSD I'd previously installed Windows11Pro to not same motherboard (not an AMD board sorry) but same chipset so no concern, and once connected OpenCore text built in picker displays Windows and Monterey and so now is easily booting between the two OS's.

Already I had Intel CPU, Z490, board and RAM so was cheaper just to buy a new z490 board that someone had already OpenCore macOS on it, make so much easier...so it $$ to buy new system id buy exactly what AudioGod has and use his OpenCore EFI, gets you up and running in not so much time, because geniuses already make it working perfectly smooth.
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