Changed from B450 I to A520 Motherboard plus Ryzen 3600 Gen 3 now stuck on Apple logo


Nov 14, 2020
It boots into Windows 10 just fine. So I don't think this is a motherboard issue. I updated my XFX 7870 with a new bios so it is now UEFI compatible. I can now disable CSM so that issue is sorted. However on booting from the drive with your EFI I still only get the black screen with the Apple logo.

The other frustrating is that has now cropped up is, as mentioned in another thread, I can now no longer see the Boot or OC folders inside the EFI on my boot drive. I can mount the EFI but I cannot see anything inside it. There must be files there because the drive would not boot on my B450 I without them.

I seem to have gone down a bit of a rabbit hole with all this and can't find my way out :(


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May 3, 2020
I'm out of ideas, wish I could of been of more help. We seem to be missing something simple I bet. If you boot in verbose mode can we see what it is hanging on?
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