Catalina excruciatingly slow boot

Doctor Breen

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May 11, 2020
Hi everyone,

ever since updating to Catalina and OpenCore (from Mojave and Clover) my boot times are extremely long (~4 minutes from picker to login). Even using the RELEASE version of OC does not speed things up. In the beginning I was fine with it but now it really bugs me. Once booted the OS is very responsive and works fine.

When verbose booting "ALF, old data swfs_pid_entry <private>, updaterules_msg <private>, updaterules_state" is displayed a lot which might be relevant (unsure because I have not been able to find conclusive answers to this message online).

Disabling the AppleALC kext does cut the boot time in half (but leaves me without audio, which is not really an option.)

Could you please help me out?


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