Big Sur fixes A LOT of broken stuff from Catalina, WOW!


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May 4, 2020
3900x/X570-p with RX580:

-upgrade right from the App Store went as smooth as on a real Mac. No extra work other than updating 0C to 0.6.3 and importing the Big Sur AMD patch into config.plist

-sleep/wake started to work by itself, no work like USB mapping necessary

-fixed audio in DaVinci Resolve that was so broken it was completely unusable (100% distortion and glitched, repeating bits of audio, all working now)

-Continuity works a LOT better, including Continuity Sketch, Handoff, Airdrop, everything. Only Airdrop worked for me in Catalina.

Literally no downside so far. Oh, it IS slower than Catalina on my 2015 MBP. Other than that, I'm very impressed with Big Sur.