AMD released major BIOS update to fix X570 B550 USB issues. Broke my OSX install


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Jun 6, 2020
I have been having constant crashes when gaming using Logitech G920 driving controller under windows, and only 3 USB ports seem to work in a stable way under MacOS.
I have been doing updates to windows drivers as they come out, and recently discovered this thread.

(By the way, this forum is importing the reddit instead of just the link (which is IMO dumb), so scroll way down for rest of post)
....and after months and hundreds of complaints AMD finally released a fix. This fix should much improve USB performance under AMD-OSX
AMD product manager's post to reddit below: *For applicable boards, the UEFI update includes the latest AEGSA

So last night under windows I downloaded the new realtek Audio driver and the BIOS update (F34) for my Gigabyte AUROS Elite MB

I was on BIOS F11, so definitely missed a few updates since building the PC in June 2020

After installing the F34 BIOS Windows 10 seems to boot fine. I have not tested USB performance or any driving sims with it.

With the update OSX won't boot. I am running the latest catalina version.

Any quick fixes or do I need to start from scratch?

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