AMD FX 8350 Black Edition - Gigabyte 990x Gaming SLI - Radeon RX480 8GB G1


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Aug 4, 2020
Hi everyone,

This was my first attempt at creating my own Hackintosh with very little knowledge at the beginning and even though this took me around 5 straight day's to get up and running and has been a very frustrating process It has also been a very rewarding and educational process at the same time.

The guide I used was this one as he had very similar hardware to my own except for the motherboard and CPU which was where cross-referencing this guide along with the AMD OSX Vanilla guide came in very handy, especially when patching the CPU. My main struggle was getting ethernet and audio to work and this was just trial and error with different kexts and plist configurations. I even managed to get It to boot with the full resolution apple boot logo which is pretty cool.

Right off the bat I was able to boot in to Catalina and my GPU, CPU and RAM were recognised and fully functional with nice cool temperatures and a noticeably quieter and faster system than I had with Windows 10.

What works? Everything. Literally.

For anyone wanting to attempt this It is more than doable and even though there are various forums to ask for help and advice you can find all of the answers to your questions with some google-fu and I found solving my own problems even more rewarding. Also a mistake I kept making was adding new kexts and not checking to make sure my plist was reflecting the new kexts as the plist wasn't automatically populating with the new data 100% of the time. Make sure to take notes of what you try as you can easily lose track of different combinations you attempt and this caused my a lot of avoidable headaches.

I also used clover to create my USB EFI partition then just deleted everything from the root of the folder and replacing it with the OC EFI folder.

If anyone has a similar hardware set up and requires help or advice feel free to ask.



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