3700x with GTX 970


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Aug 3, 2020
Hey everyone! I’m planning on using my current build as a hackintosh. I’ve done my reading on the process and everything is clear to me except for using an NVIDIA graphics card. I know NVIDIA is only supported up to High Sierra, which I can live with. I’m just a bit confused about the process of getting it to work. My motherboard (MSI X570-A Pro) doesn’t have onboard graphics so I’m just wondering, do you download the NVIDIA drivers after installing the OS or is it something you setup before booting with the USB key? Just want to make sure I’ll actually be able to go through the installation process and see the screen.

Have a feeling this is a dumb question but just wanted to check before I start the process! Thanks in advance.


The AMD Guy
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Mar 13, 2020
You install the web drivers once the system is installed. You may need to boot with nv_disable=1 until they are installed.
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