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    [HELP] My hackintosh machine keep freeze and crash

    I'm also use Android studio and iTerm on the background, so I think its the OS that freezes, but i'll try your advice, Thank you very much
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    [HELP] My hackintosh machine keep freeze and crash

    Thank you for the advice, i'll try to do it later. Is it safe to do clear NVRAM? will I lost my data if I do it? sorry, its my first time doing hackintosh
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    [HELP] My hackintosh machine keep freeze and crash

    Hi, about 4 month ago I just finished build my hackintosh pc, it run fine and I had no issue except for the audio through HDMI not working, and in march, I keep switch between windows and my hackintosh, after that I havent boot into my hackintosh for almost 2 weeks, because I had to edit some...
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    Post install problem

    Hi, i just finished install my catalina hackintosh a few days ago, and i facing some problem, my audio through HDMI is not working and sleep also not working, for my audio, i have try several time changing the alcid from my config.plist, and its still didnt work, when i open the audio setting...
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    Ryzen 9 3900X, ASRock X570 ITX/TB3, Sapphire RX 5500 Pulse, Catalina

    Hi, i just finished my hackintosh installation and i was looking for programs to monitoring my cpu and gpu, i was wondering, what kind of tools is this and how to install and configure it, since im new to this hackintosh world, and last thing is do you install big sur from the beginning or are...
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    Asrock B450 Steel Legend

    Hi, im also using asrock b450 steel legend motherboard and rx 5500 xt GPU, but my audio through HDMI and sleep aren't working, what alcid you using and how do you fix the sleep problem, thank you.
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    I can't mount EFI from my usb

    Hello Everyone, im new to hackintosh and apple OS, i jsut finished my Mac os installation using opencore 0.6.3 on mac os catalina, but when i want to do the mount EFI from my USB flashdrive to my hdd, i cant mount the EFI from my USB flashdrive, and i see some people on the internet just open...
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