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  1. RubyCasey

    Audio Interface not working

    I'm running the 17G13035 build of 10.13.6 with the XLNC usb fix
  2. RubyCasey

    Install High Sierra Update 10.13.6

    Booting into the partition that macos is already installed in should do it I think. (Thats what I remember doing at least)
  3. RubyCasey

    Audio Interface not working

    To clarify, I'm not having problems with onboard audio. The front and rear audio jacks on my pc work fine, the problem is my usb external audio interface that handles my microphone, and ideally my speakers.
  4. RubyCasey

    Audio Interface not working

    I have the newest version of High Sierra, with the VoodooHDA kext installed, as I'm running an FX platform. I can't seem to get my audio interface (Focusrite Scarlett Solo) to do anything in macos. Its detected as an audio device, its detected in the Focusrite Control app, but no signal is...
  5. RubyCasey

    The new version of photoshop has a font-crash.

    I don't know if there's a better place to put this but oh well. I installed the newest version of photoshop (21.2) and anytime I open the font screen it crashes. (This is with the font fix in the knowledge-base applied.) Running it in terminal returns the error "Intel MKL ERROR: CPU 0 is not...
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