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  1. thepensivemonk

    Getting comfortable with OC 0.6.2

    I have been tinkering with Hackintosh for a couple of years, and this system is my third working Hack (we won't speak of the two abysmal failures..). So far I have been very happy with my AMD/OC system and it has performed every way I have needed it, with only a few minor issues that I keep...
  2. thepensivemonk

    [SOLVED] Kernel Panic on reboot after apparently successful security update 10.15.7

    So, my system has been generally stable and runs to all my expectations for day to day use. However, I have a nagging issue that only seems to manifest when I attempt to apply a major security update to the Mac OS. I am running OC 0.5.9, so a bit behind the current version, so I will roll up...
  3. thepensivemonk

    A better way to recover boot messages from a failed install

    I recently attempted a new clean install of Catalina, but got blocked after the successful install and first run setup. When the system does is final first boot into the OS, I get a system panic and reboot faster than I can capture the verbose logs. I have been investigating a more detailed way...
  4. thepensivemonk

    Potential issues with Mojave Security Update 2020-004

    Just an FYI that I ran into difficulty with the recent Mojave security update 2020-004 with my stable AMD system running OC 0.5.7. I am overdue for a refresh on my OC, so I may take some time and prep for that and update my EFI appropriately and see if that helps. The issue presented as what...
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