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    Is there a trick to running Parallels or VMWare on Ryzentosh?>

    I have some Windows VMs I've been running under Parallels for some years on my Intel-based Hackintosh. I built a Ryzentosh a few weeks ago and was impressed with the performance upgrade of the 3900X over my Intel 9900K. Everything works great except...virtualization. When I try to open any of...
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    No NVME Device Found

    I've got Catalina running on my Asus Crosshair VIII Impact board...but only if I boot Opencore from a USB key or SATA drive, because without one of those the system doesn't see the m.2 drive Catalina is installed on. I've installed Catalina on a nice, fast Corsair 2TB PCIE Gen 4 drive. Works...
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