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  1. wild_eep

    My little laptop

    Look here: https://dortania.github.io/GPU-Buyers-Guide/legacy-gpus/legacy-amd.html#hd-4000-series-4xxx
  2. wild_eep

    Oh how wonderful the silence

    I know this is a Hackintosh forum, but I can't help but voice my thoughts on the new M1 Macs. My new M1 Macbook Air arrived just two days ago, but I didn't think it would arrive before Christmas. I ordered the MBA on December 5 with the delivery window of Dec 15-22. I eagerly checked the...
  3. wild_eep

    Very slow transfer on Airdrop

    I tried installing Big Sur and just had too many issues at boot, I just know that I'd have to spend many many hours just to troubleshoot. I simply don't have the time to invest. So I'm going to wait a little while before attempting to install Big Sur again. But thank you for reading and taking...
  4. wild_eep

    Very slow transfer on Airdrop

    I recently did a fresh install of Catalina and so far everything is working except Airdrop (and sleep, but not for discussion on this post). When trying to transfer a photo from my iphone to my hackintosh, it is abnormally & painfully slow. Sometimes, when the transfer is about 80-90%...
  5. wild_eep

    Ryzen 5 3600 - System Check / SSD decision

    Those components should work for MacOS. For the UR22, if it will work on a real Mac, it should theoretically work for a hackintosh. If it initially doesn't work, then it might work if you you map your USB ports. USB port mapping solves a lot of USB problems that people run into. I would...
  6. wild_eep

    I wants to build a ryzentosh PC 😁

    Well, you don't necessarily need to change your Wifi card. MacOS will install successfully without it, you just won't have Handoff, Continuity, and Airdrop functionality. Some people don't need or want those features. It is possible that your current GPU might still work though. Per the GPU...
  7. wild_eep

    I wants to build a ryzentosh PC 😁

    That hardware should get you a functioning Hackintosh. But for Handoff, Continuity and Airdrop functionality, you should replace the intel WIFI module with one like the BCM94360NG, which will work OOTB. Edit: Sorry, I should add, that you might run into issues with your XFX graphics card...
  8. wild_eep

    Ryzen 5 3400G with Gigabyte B450 I Pro Wifi. Any chance this will work?

    You are correct, the integrated graphics on your 3400G is not supported in MacOS, and likely never will be. You need a compatible discrete graphics card. This GPU Buyers Guide can help you choose one that is compatible. I don't think its necessary to buy a new CPU, you can simply turn off...
  9. wild_eep

    This is my laptop. WIll it work?

    Integrated graphics such as R3 are not supported in MacOS. Only Intel integrated graphics is supported in MacOS. You need a discrete compatible graphics card, which you can't install on a notebook. This GPU Buyers Guide can explain this more in detail.
  10. wild_eep

    I am really struggeling with getting a hackintosh up and runnig here is my specs

    You need to ask a specific question, otherwise no one will know how to help you. If you haven't read the Open Core Installation Guide, then do that first. If you're still struggling, I recommend you search YouTube for OpenCore Hackintosh tutorials. Doing those two things will at least give...
  11. wild_eep

    macOS Big Sur 11.0.1

    I used a USB thumb drive that was formatted Mac OS Extended (Journaled) prior to using createinstallmedia. I even had an EFI partition with a working OpenCore installed on it. Createinstallmedia didn't even touch the EFI partition and the OpenCore files were left intact.
  12. wild_eep

    macOS Big Sur 11.0.1

    I've been trying to download Big Sur to a real Macbook all day, but Apple's file servers have been overwhelmed.
  13. wild_eep

    Bluetooth inquiry

    Is your wifi module plugged directly into your motherboard's M.2 slot? I have the same BCM94360NG wifi module as yours, but it is plugged into an PCIe to M.2 adapter card. This adapter card has a cable that connects to an internal USB2 header on the motherboard. If that cable is not connected...
  14. wild_eep

    Are my hardware specs good to go?

    Yeah, those should work. To get full functionality of Handoff, Continuity and Airdrop, you will need to replace the intel WIFI module on your motherboard with a MacOS compatible one, like this BCM94360NG. Its around $50 on Amazon.
  15. wild_eep

    Mount EFI automatically on login

    I'm afraid you just reinvented the wheel. There already exists a MountEFI script -- It is even mentioned in the OpenCore Installation Guide. Here is the Github page for the MountEFI script.
  16. wild_eep

    No internet Access, despite being connected

    Try resetting the network interfaces by entering the following two commands in terminal: sudo rm /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist sudo rm /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/preferences.plist Also, try clearing the DNS Cache with sudo killall -HUP...
  17. wild_eep

    It's possible?

    It should work. The only way to know for sure is give it a try.
  18. wild_eep

    My first Hackintosh Ever. Ryzentosh 3500 macOS Catalina 10.15.4

    I posted a solution that worked for me on the NVME drive showing as external issue at this link.
  19. wild_eep

    AMD A6-7310 R4 Graphics

    Integrated AMD graphics is not supported on MacOS. You need a discrete graphics card or an intel CPU with integrated graphics. GPU Buyers Guide for Hackintosh
  20. wild_eep


    If you're using USB for your mouse and KB, try a different USB port. It is a common problem that some USB ports are disabled until you do USB port mapping.