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  1. sos86

    How to update Open Core??

    My basic steps each time OC updates: 1) Make sure I have a backup of a working EFI folder from the current working release. 2) Copy the new OC files over the existing EFI directory 3) Manually open my existing config.plist and the example config.plist from the new OC version in propertree 4)...
  2. sos86

    Mount EFI automatically on login

    I created the above mount point /System/Volumes/Data/EFI/ manually, and ensure you can write to that location. ...and the above still works for me, although I had to re-edit the sudoers file again, since it got overwritten when I moved from Big Sur Beta to Big Sur public release. EDIT: I...
  3. sos86

    Mount EFI automatically on login

    Thanks - I feel a bit less naive now. Still not sure where such a script might come from, but one can imagine. I'll go sudoers, unless there's a clear way to do it with fstab, or DiskImageMounter (remember: silently, with no user interventions, on login). EDIT: altered above to use sudoers...
  4. sos86

    Mount EFI automatically on login

    For a single user PC, where I am the admin + user, I don't really see this, but of course everyone's situation is different. The user's password is in plain text in the file, but given its location can only be read by the user logging in using their own password anyway, the risk seems low...
  5. sos86

    Mount EFI automatically on login

    Thanks - that does what it says on the tin. Still, it's a little more overengineered for what I want it to do i.e. simply mount the EFI partition silently on login. I also had a bit of fun & learning working out my own wheel :)
  6. sos86

    Big Sur Release Candidate - 20B5022a

    Ooooo. Big Sur Release Candidate is out...downloading 2.81 GB to update now. [EDIT] All done - easy as pie (OC 0.63):
  7. sos86

    Mount EFI automatically on login

    With hackintoshing requiring regular updates to OpenCore on the EFI partition, I became frustrated at needing to manually mount EFI each time, either via the terminal, or using Clover etc. Given macOS no longer uses fstab, or at least fiddles with it through automounter, I found it surprisingly...
  8. sos86

    Big Sur running great on 0.6.0 but can't upgrade to 0.6.2 or 0.6.3

    I've learnt a while ago, after several similar failure to boots after upgrading OC, that there are always changes between OpenCore versions which often necessitate changes in any given config.plist. So, I now go through it carefully every upgrade, comparing with the sample.plist provided (in the...
  9. sos86

    macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 Beta 1

    There are always changes between OpenCore versions, sometimes these necessitate changes in your config.plist. At the least, you should go through it carefully, comparing with the sample.plist provided (in the Docs folder of the OpenCore Zip file). For example, check you have the latest CPU...
  10. sos86

    Big Sur Beta 10

    All up and running here (Version 11.0 Beta 20A5395g). Initially had a freeze booting up with the apple logo stuck at 90% of the progress bar, and USB devices powering down. Went closely through my config.plist, updating every aspect - patches, DSDT, settings - and found a few errors / changes...
  11. sos86

    Clover Experimental Patches

    Why thank you! I'm glad further intelligent replies have indeed been forthcoming. For those less perceptive of an analogy than your good self, it's because many of the technologies and coding in Clover have become cumbersome patches upon patches. To remedy the situation would be the equivalent...
  12. sos86

    Clover Experimental Patches

    That's a bit like asking "with the advent of electric cars, why haven't steam engines been installed?"
  13. sos86

    Big Sur Beta 9

    That did the trick for me too....and a trap for young players: "false" (doesn't work) is not the same as "disabled" (the correct setting) in config.plist :)
  14. sos86

    Big Sur Beta 8

    No special kexts, just the kernel patches (OC 0.61). Perhaps you've got some error or typo in your "Expirental" patches?
  15. sos86

    Big Sur Beta 8

    My update from beta 6 to beta 8 froze on the black screen with the white apple icon on reboot (openCore 0.61, latest patches). Ended out reinstalling beta 4 using my USB install drive, then tried updating again & it worked. Either a glitch in the download or unpack, or I hadn't copied the...