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  1. AudioGod

    Tutorial Fixing (Green Screen) DRM on BigSur for AppleTV and Apple Music Streaming

    Hi All, As it says in the title I'm here to tell you how to fix DRM properly and get your video playback working instead of a green screen while using AppleTV or Apple Music Streaming via Big Sur. :) Please Note - Make sure your using the latest version of Whatevergreen (1.4.7) and Lilu in your...
  2. AudioGod

    AudioGod's Gigabyte Aorus X570 Pro, Pro Wifi & Ultra - Big Sur OpenCore 0.6.7 EFI

    This is my first fully functional Ryzen Hackintosh after many many years of intel builds and when I say fully functional I mean just that. Everything is working bar SideCar of course as there's no IGPU and I'm using SMBios iMacPro1,1 but as for everything else goes like proper sleep, Wake, All...
  3. AudioGod

    Need help with a small but annoying problem.

    Hi, Anybody know why I’ve got a good 5 second hang before loading into OpenCanopy (like I was using the debug version of opencore) and once it loads into the bootpicker the keyboard is lagging real bad and I can’t use the mouse if I try to activate it via the plist or via a driver? (Once big sur...