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    MacOS Big Sur - mouse small interrupts

    And why the time is delayed by two hours after restart or shutdown? This happened in all hackintosh installations I already tested.
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    MacOS Big Sur - mouse small interrupts

    Hmm. Why should I put m.2 to sata? I'll lose all speed of NVME, no chance. The main ideea is everything worked fine until the last BigSur update - RC2...
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    MacOS Big Sur - mouse small interrupts

    I tried and it's not working...
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    MacOS Big Sur - mouse small interrupts

    Hello, I have this problem ONLY on Big Sur, starting with RC2 and now with final version. While moving mouse, it periodically freeze for about a half of second, and this is very annoying. Another problem is: after restart or shuitdown, the time is decreased by two hours in BIOS. Anybody knows...
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    Big Sur / Gigabyte TrX40 Designare / AMD Threadripper 3960x / Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 XT OC / 64 GB 3600 MHz

    Hello, This is my final hardware and software configuration. I was having a lot of trouble when I migrate from RX 580 to RX 5700 - OS X doesn't work and re-installation of OS doesn't work anymore. So I try different settings, until I found a good and stable one - thanks God - because I was...