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    FCPX on Ryzen 9 3900x/RX 580 - will I benefit from going Intel?

    I have an otherwise perfectly working Big Sur OpenCore Hackintosh with Ryzen 9 3900x (12c/24t) and RX 580 8 GB. I'm using it for FCPX mainly. Rendering to H264 is barely faster than my old 2015 27" iMac with a 4c/4t i5 6600 and Radeon M395x 2 GB, which is insane... BruceX takes 28 secs compared...
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    High core count almost useless?

    I'm finding out that a high core CPU like the 12-core 3900x isn't worth it outside a very few special cases like 3D rendering. I bought it because I thought it would enable me to do work while, for example, FCPX or AE rendering. But that's not the case at all. The CPU is far from saturated, so...
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    Camera tracking not working (AE 17.5, Big Sur 11.1b1, 3900x/RX580)

    Hi, anyone got Camera tracking (the 3D tracker) working in latest AE 17.5? It's "initializing" indefinitely, seems like the process AE spins off to do it quietly dies in the background. If this doesn't work, that's probably the last straw before switching to Intel. Thanks!
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    FCPX 10.5 on Big Sur - source playback randomly not working

    I have an otherwise perfect Sig Sur install on 3900x with RX580, but I started having an issue where source playback in FCPX randomly stops working. As in: I can play and scroll the timeline just fine, but when I try to play or skim in the Browser, I'm getting nothing. Not even with the Event...
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    Big Sur fixes A LOT of broken stuff from Catalina, WOW!

    3900x/X570-p with RX580: -upgrade right from the App Store went as smooth as on a real Mac. No extra work other than updating 0C to 0.6.3 and importing the Big Sur AMD patch into config.plist -sleep/wake started to work by itself, no work like USB mapping necessary -fixed audio in DaVinci...
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    Handoff doesn't work in 10.15.7, works in Big Sur beta

    Hi, I have the Fenvi T919 which works fine, I get everything working in Big Sur betas but Handoff doesn't work in Catalina. Airdrop does. Turning Handoff off/on didn't help. What else can I try? Thanks!
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    Where do you put OC with Big Sur? There’s no EFI volume

    I can boot BS without any issues with OC on flash drive but where do I put OC on the Big Sur drive? My Catalina drive has an EFI volume, BS does not. Do I just create it? Thanks!
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    Adobe Character Animator and Sleep working in Big Sur!

    Two of my biggest issues - Adobe Character Animator (missing intel fast_memset instruction set) and sleep both work in Big Sur (CA may be just due to a new release, not Big Sur). Hackintosh just got infinitely better for me, enabling me to stick with AMD for now. EDIT: CA is now working on...
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    Sleep working in Big Sur on X570-p mobo, didn't in Catalina

    Wow, sleep is actually working for me in Big Sur beta 10, even with my 12 USB devices plugged in. I didn't have to change anything for it to work, nor in EFI, nor in BIOS. No USB mapping done at all. Just a heads up for Catalina users that struggle to get it working. GPU fans go full speed for...
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    VoodooTSCSync/CPUTSCSync kext needed?

    I'm seeing this VoodooTSCSync kext or its AMD equivalent, for improved syncing of CPU/video/audio clocks. I definitely do have issues with like the Zoom app, with audio/video freezing or stuttering, whereas FCPX and other video apps work flawlessly. Is the kext relevant for Ryzen 9 3900x...
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    How to disable USB port?

    Hi, I'm looking for ways to disable the Aura LED controller that might (just might) block sleep on my Asus X570-p mobo (otherwise running great without any mapping, all ports work, hot swap, at full speeds). How do i do that? According to Hackintool, it's PRT6 with Location ID 0x6100000 at bus...
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    Reliable GPU monitoring?

    How reliable is Activity Monitor and/or iStat Menus for GPU performance monitoring? I'm asking because I rarely see GPU utilization over 30-40 pct, even with GPU encoding apps like VideoProc (the encoding itself seems very fast with usually 3x-4x of source FPS. Ditto for FCPX. I have RX 580 8...
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    Disable just one port from a XHC0 PRT group?

    Hi, I'd like to disable the AURA LED Controller but it's hardwired onto an USB 3.2 controller I can't afford to lose. Is there a way to only disable the one port? It's port XHC0 (PRT6) with Location ID 0x61600000. The same XHC0 with Location ID 0x60600000 is an actual USB 3.2 port I'd like to...
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    Why disable CSM? I can't do that.

    My 3900x Hackintosh boots and works just fine with CSM Enabled, except sleep. In order to fix that, I'm trying some stuff, and guides tell me to disable CSM. But my RX 580 doesn't boot without it enabled ("the vga card is not supported by uefi driver"). Is it important to have CSM disabled...
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    OpenCore 0.5.9 keeps resetting my BIOS boot order

    Every time i boot via OpenCore, it resets the boot order I've set in the BIOS - and inserts itself to be the first/default option. Windows doesn't do that. My plist is enclosed. Also, when I select OpenCore from the boot menu to boot from directly, it goes straight back to BIOS. I'm aware of...
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    RX 580 running at 900 MHz or more - clock too high

    RX 580 on X570-p, 10.15.6 on OC 0.5.9. According to iStatMenus, RX 580 idles at roughly 900 MHz and takes 135W, which is ridiculously high. In Windows 10, it idles at 300 MHz. Anything I can do? Thanks!
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    10.15.5 suddenly slow on 3900x, 32 GB, NVMe and RX 580

    I had 10.15.5 working great on my rig with Ryzen 9 3900x, 32 GB 3200 MHz RAM, Asus X570-p, fast NVMe and RX 580 GPU. This morning, I stopped having OC in my reFind bootloader for unknown reason and the whole thing is weird, jittery, stuttering GPU, slow, almost like on a spinning HDD...
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    Remove Win from bootloader OR set Mac as first?

    Hi, I've got a very well working 3900x X570 Hackintosh but my OC bootloader lists Windows at first place. I need to manually pick Mac on every boot. As I never use OC bootloader to boot Windows (it doesn't even work), I'd like to just remove the icon or at least make it secondary. How do I do...