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    Motherboard for DAWs, TB3

    If you don't have a specific reason for AMD Hackintosh, go with Intel. The incompatibilities will only pile up and Intel just works better. I speak from experience, I had 3900x which worked well even with sleep and stuff, but I switched to i9 10850k and it's a BIG difference in overall...
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    [SUCCESS 99%] Big Sur 11.1 | OC 0.6.4

    6, not 60. The thing is, the mic input just doesn't work on AMD hacks, so... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    [SUCCESS 99%] Big Sur 11.1 | OC 0.6.4

    May I ask why is onboard audio so important for so many people? I do get that money can be an issue and it's more elegant than a USB audio dongle, but those can be had for like $6 and it's not that much worse quality-wise.
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    GPU Performance Improved

    AFAIK 1.3 is the maximum GPU speed of the RX560, so your GPU doesn't downclock at all. The exact opposite of my issue :) I didn't try AGPIMnjector as I'm switching to Intel in a few days (mainly for 100% Adobe compatibility, makes me kinda sad). I'll try then, thanks!
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    GPU Performance Improved

    Yes. It's not your patch's fault. Hm, IIRC I was getting proper VRAM downclocking at least in Catalina. Now I'm stuck with VRAM running at full 2 GHz at all times, with any combination of your, algrey's patch and Radeonboost.kext. I wouldn't mind that much but it does keep the fans audibly...
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    GPU Performance Improved

    @Shaneee, any idea why my GPU memory stays at 2 GHz at all times (according to iStat and the fan noise)? GPU downclocks alright, VRAM doesn't. It used to do so. I have removed Radeonboost but that didn't fix it. The card (RX580) downclocks both GPU and VRAM in Windows as expected. Thanks!
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    FCPX on Ryzen 9 3900x/RX 580 - will I benefit from going Intel?

    I have an otherwise perfectly working Big Sur OpenCore Hackintosh with Ryzen 9 3900x (12c/24t) and RX 580 8 GB. I'm using it for FCPX mainly. Rendering to H264 is barely faster than my old 2015 27" iMac with a 4c/4t i5 6600 and Radeon M395x 2 GB, which is insane... BruceX takes 28 secs compared...
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    GPU Performance Improved

    I didn't realize you could enable/disable patches like this, that's so cool!
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    GPU Performance Improved

    OMG the 5900x single core score is almost twice of my 3900x's 1294 :-o
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    GPU Performance Improved

    How can I disable this patch? I'm getting a lot of Graphics Kernel crashes (Graphics kernel error: 0xfffffffc) lately (Big Sur 11.1b1) and I feel it might be related.
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    High core count almost useless?

    I'm finding out that a high core CPU like the 12-core 3900x isn't worth it outside a very few special cases like 3D rendering. I bought it because I thought it would enable me to do work while, for example, FCPX or AE rendering. But that's not the case at all. The CPU is far from saturated, so...
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    Very slow transfer on Airdrop

    If you don't have a specific reason to stay on Catalina, I'd just update to Big Sur, I did and all of this stuff just works, including sleep. It didn't in Catalina.
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    Ryzen Hackintosh for Audio Production

    As a professional video editor, my take is this: real Macs have a LOT of stability issues as well. I'm using a 2015 iMac and it was never a rock solid machine. My 3900x Catalina (now Big Sur) Hackintosh is very stable. In fact, the OS itself hasn't crashed once in half a year. Big Sur/FCPX 10.5...
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    macOS on kvm - success with 3700x and 740gt - and opinion vs bare metal ryzentosh

    Have you followed any particular guide? My a gt 710 for the Linux host is on the way. Thanks.
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    Camera tracking not working (AE 17.5, Big Sur 11.1b1, 3900x/RX580)

    Hi, anyone got Camera tracking (the 3D tracker) working in latest AE 17.5? It's "initializing" indefinitely, seems like the process AE spins off to do it quietly dies in the background. If this doesn't work, that's probably the last straw before switching to Intel. Thanks!
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    How to get HDR working?

    I have no such luck with my 2018 NU8000 Samsung TV. PS4 can output HDR, so can the builtin apps but HDR from MacOS is just slog-like, grey-ish contrastless image.
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    macOS on kvm - success with 3700x and 740gt - and opinion vs bare metal ryzentosh

    I'm super interested. I'd love to be able to easily switch between Windows 10 for gaming and MacOS - I don't even need both live at the same time, just to switch between "hibernated" OSes and not reboot all the time. Is that possible? Do I still need two GPUs for that (3900X doesn't have an iGPU)?
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    FCPX 10.5 on Big Sur - source playback randomly not working

    This severe bug seems to be fixed in 11.1 beta 1. It didn't occur throughout the whole day - it happened more than once every hour before. EDIT: happened again, but only once today.
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    FCPX 10.5 on Big Sur - source playback randomly not working

    It's a pretty brutal bug, here's a video of it
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    Sleep working in Big Sur on X570-p mobo, didn't in Catalina

    Yes. Just make sure you incorporate the "experimental" AMD patches into your config.plist first.