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    Kernel Panic while using bluetooth microphone

    Hi, I've got kernel panic while using bluetooth microphone. I have Fenvi T919 (BCM4360) card without any additional kexts, it works OOTB. Logs: https://pastebin.com/2B47x54q My EFI + hardware list: https://github.com/mikigal/ryzen-hackintosh
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    Random freezes, only mouse cursor works

    Since few days I've got random freezes, everything is frozen, except mouse cursor. I didn't change anything in config, it started without any changes macOS: 10.15.5 OC: 0.5.9 SMBIOS: iMacPro1.1 My full EFI: https://github.com/mikigal/ryzen-hackintosh How to fix it