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    Big Sur Beta 8

    Beta 8 dropped and it seems it requires the full 12gb download instead of a delta from Beta 7. I tried running the installer from the desktop, but it complained that my Big Sur disk: The volume can not be used because it is not snapshot booted I created an installer USB from the Beta 8...
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    Mouse Lag Improvements with Latest BIOS Update

    Like many others here, I've been dogged by the terrible mousing performance using Catalina and a RDNA card. I just did a manual flip between my standard and backup BIOS to confirm that the latest updates with the newest AGESA has made a tremendous difference. I'm using the F20a bios on my...
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    [UPDATE] RYZEN 9 5950X | GIGABYTE X570 AORUS MASTER | 5600XT 6GB | OC 0.6.5 | Big Sur 11.1

    Update: 1/13/2021 Update: I updated OC, AMD Vanilla, and Catalina to Big Sur. I also upgraded the processor to a Zen 3 5950x. The old 3900x is 12 cores and the 5950 is 16 cores. I updated the benchmarks and Zen 3 is a definite improvement. Config: MacPro 7,1 OpenCore 0.6.5 CPU: Ryzen 9 5950X...