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    FX & Legacy (non-UEFI) Motherboard...

    Hi I have got it to shows atleast some sign like this ,but I can’t remember how I formatted the usb .I cant get open core to even show or my pc to regonize the usb . i have been trying everday for hours to get s hackintosh up snd running ,but I can’t figure whats wrong . Hopefully I can get a...
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    FX & Legacy (non-UEFI) Motherboard...

    Ive have the same problem I have amd fx 8300 asus m5a78l m lx3 legacy only Gt 710 Have any find a fix yet
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    I am really struggeling with getting a hackintosh up and runnig here is my specs

    Motherboard: asus m5a78l m lx3 Cpu: Amd FX 8300 GPU : GT710