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  1. Wooloomooloo

    Ryzen 1700x + Vega 64 with Benchmarks and Oddities

    Hi - I posted an Introduction a week ago more or less, and in the last 48 hours or so finally got my Ryzentosh working on OpenCore 0.6.0 - in fact I am making this post from it right now. It's working far better than I expected, seems stable enough, although there is one very strange Oddity that...
  2. Wooloomooloo

    Hi - N00b looking to convert Old Gaming PC to Ryzentosh

    Hi - Quick introduction. I'm a long time Mac user (20 years-ish) but have usually kept a PC knocking around for gaming etc. After failing to sell my PC I decided to try and convert it to a Hackintosh and have some fun along the way. It won't be used for mission critical things (at least just...