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  1. Bansaku

    R7 3700X | Aorus X570 Elite | Gigabyte RX Vega 64 | 10.15.5 | Clover 5118

    Heyas folks, just thought that I would share my success story! I had been using a rock solid i7 3770K Z77X-UD5H system for the past 8 years but decided to switch to Team Red after the boot loaders now patch AMD CPUs on-the-fly as they do Intel. My first ever Hackintosh back in the day was an...
  2. Bansaku

    Project - AMD Radeon Performance Enhanced SSDT

    Hello everyone! After reading many of the great success stories here at AMD OS X I started to see a repeating pattern plaguing essentially all of us. No, not USB and sleep (some day!) rather poor OpenCL and Metal performance, especially with Catalina. Well, I think I have found an answer and...