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  1. Hbg1968

    AsRock B550M Pro4, Ryzen 5 3600, can't install.

    Hi, maybe edit your title to read [SOLVED] at the beginning. Also, congratulations.
  2. Hbg1968

    AsRock B550M Pro4, Ryzen 5 3600, can't install.

    There are known issues with sleep/hibernation and AMD CPU's. There is further info here For AMD: Fret not, for their is still hope for you as well! AMDRyzenCPUPowerManagement.kext can add power management to Ryzen based CPUs. Installation and usage is explained on the repo's - I have...
  3. Hbg1968

    [SOLVED] - Issues with Wireless Mice and USB Hard Drives & Thumb Drives

    Hi, I have been under the assumption for the last 4 weeks that my USB mapping was not complete, despite Hackintool saying otherwise. I have a Logitech M585 mouse and a Logitech MX anywhere keyboard. Both are Bluetooth, as well as supporting the Logitech Unifying Receiver. I did have them both...
  4. Hbg1968

    AMD USB Port Mapping

    I used Hackintool to check my USB ports. I had similar issues with IORegistry. Good Luck.
  5. Hbg1968

    The 'other' forum now supports AMD.

    I use it begrudgingly. Too many Apple fanboys on there. ;)
  6. Hbg1968

    I can not install hackintosh on my computer

    Congratulations. As Apple have never supported an AMD processor, it won't display correctly. If you download Hackintool, it should display the correct specs. Also, check your Bios settings against what is in Dortania as per below. AMD BIOS Settings #Disable Fast Boot Secure Boot...
  7. Hbg1968

    The 'other' forum now supports AMD.

    I just saw someone replied to one of my 'banned' posts on that site, and I saw Shaneee's build on there. ;) I'll probably do the same so I can help 'spread the word' of AMD running MacOS. My work colleagues are impressed, especially when they saw the benchmarks. IK would say my build is near...
  8. Hbg1968

    The 'other' forum now supports AMD.

    Well, one of the other well known sites, that I will not name, who also banned me for requesting help on AMD, now supports AMD (and my posts were restored this week???) . Anyway, I will continue to support this forum, and promote it where possible.
  9. Hbg1968

    macOS Big Sur is on AMD

    I doubt I'll be upgrading soon. I'll wait to the bugs are sorted out (as well as the sleep function on Catalina). I use Ubar, rather than rely on the dock I own a Smartphone, which I doubt will benefit from the messages. Otherwise, are there any reasons to upgrade?
  10. Hbg1968

    Sleep still not 100% -

    After a reinstall trying to fix this, I have set my system to never sleep.
  11. Hbg1968

    How to select correct Mac SMBIOS?

    Thank you. I noticed on Dortania they reccomended a MacPro6,1? I just got my unit back up and running. I think my config.plist was corrupted, due to my tinkering?
  12. Hbg1968

    How to select correct Mac SMBIOS?

    Maybe this AppleMCEReporterDisabler might be the answer? Unfortunatly, after editing a cection on my config.plist, it's no longer booting, and my Catalina boot disc does not seem to be working? Also, NVMeFix ?
  13. Hbg1968

    How to select correct Mac SMBIOS?

    Further to trying to find info related to my issues with sleep/hibernation, I am just looking at various other sites related to USB, and I saw that the SSDT-EC-USBX-AMD.aml was designed for a Macbook7,1 or newer, and I am pretty certain that when I originally set this up, the guide said to...
  14. Hbg1968

    New to Hackintosh, where to start? (I miss Logic Pro x)

    Check out TechTunerLife on Youtube. That is where I started. Click on the link for his latest video. Make sure you use the same version of Opencore (I didn't) to make it easier. I used one of his earlier videos for OC 0.5.6 and I used 0.6.0. Also refer to Dortania on Github as well, and remember...
  15. Hbg1968

    Focusrite Scarlett USB problem with x570 boards?

    I was having issues with 2 new Graphics cards. They are working fine now I disabled Compatibility Support Module (CSM) and the Serial Port. I still have a serial port game controller, that I have tried to get up and running on my Raspberry Pi with Mame, but never had any luck with the USB...
  16. Hbg1968

    Rx580 gpu issues [solved]

    I was running a MSI gt710, and so far so good. So I purchased an Asus RX580. Installed it. No Display. Tried another monitor, hdmi cable, an active display port to hdmi cable. Still nothing. I sent it back and yesterday the company rang me to say it was working fine. In the meantime I had...
  17. Hbg1968

    Bluetooth USB Adapter Reccomendations

    The BT adapter I have works fine, however, it doesn't work on startup (which is annoying when I want to run Windows. which is 90% of the time.) so I have gone back to using the Logitech Unifying Receiver.
  18. Hbg1968

    Sleep still not 100% -

    Still nothing buddy. I'm been mainly running Windows this week. I bought an Asus RX580 which turned out to be a dud. No display at all.
  19. Hbg1968

    stuck on install from site - no such file or directory

    I was also having issues in windows 10.
  20. Hbg1968

    Focusrite Scarlett USB problem with x570 boards?

    Awesome. I found this One whiten searching this beans on Amazon. No mention of MacOS, but it does have usbc.